Dear Birthmother

A letter I wish I could give to our foster daughter’s birth mother as she wrestles with having to relinquish her parental rights.  

Dear Birth Mother,

First and most importantly, I would like for you to know that our family has been praying for you since I met you. We are thankful for you and for the courage you are showing in the face of such heavy but important choices for your life. It has been an amazing honor to love and parent your beautiful daughter. And we are thankful for the relationship we have had the privilege of building with you.


Adoption means “to take as one’s own.” Our whole family has a passion for loving and caring for kids in this way: Layla and Eddie are excited at the chance to love their foster sister as their forever sister, we have worked intentionally toward enfolding her into our family. And you have a place with us too. Thank you for always placing your confidence in us. You are always on our hearts and in our prayers every day and that will never, ever change.

We look forward to the coming years, and watching her grow and change…along with you. I promise you to love her as my own and honor the family she came from. I will not ever willingly shut you out. I vow to give her everything I can to become the strong woman she is meant to become. I will nurture her talents and creativity in every way I can. I will continue to hope these things for you as well.

Know in your heart that you are loved,

Ruth and Family


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